Oneness – LandArt

2016- ”Oneness” a matter of the heart
We humans tend to differentiate ourselves from nature. We think that we are something different, something superior and more valuable than nature. And in many ways we are different from animals and plants. But it is also true, that we are a part of nature and that our disconnection from it, is not only destroying our planet, it has also a serious effects on our health. We are depending on the nature to survive and the nature is depending on our recognition of this fact. Let’s all try to remember and connect to our origin before it it to late, so we can stop destroying out mother planet.

In a leaf we can see the same fractal patterns as that we have in our human veins. The fractals for me is a symbol of the universal connection of all living things on the planet. It’s the mysterious secret code; that of creation. I wanted to create a symbol of a human heart and connect it to the trees in the forest. They are all handmade by me, sewn by hand, in linen fabric. The veins are stuffed by raw linen. The hearts are made as pillows. And are stuffed in the middle with leafs and earth from the the ground in the area. They will grow gently on the teas in the forest. Blending with the ”real” nature but stand out as a alien object in the woods. Just as us humans. With time I hope, the nature will start to grow on, and inside them. Integrate them more and more to the nature, so that the connection between this ”human heart” and the plants becomes nearly as one.

Oneness – LandArt is currently visible at the Wallstreet Art festival.