”Sometimes somethings lead to something”

Descriptions of assignments Client

Rebild, Denmark

Project manager:

Rebild Center

Project description:

Permanent LandArt installation

2016 – I moved in to a camper nearby a forest to work and live by myself and my project to create a permanent version of ”Sometime somethings lead to something”. The area was perfect and I immediately found the right material to work with. A storm had knocked down many trees nearby. For the villagers this was a tragedy, but for me it became a symbol of hidden things that comes to the surface.

With a little jigsaw I started to collect and transport parts of the roots to my chosen spot for the LandArt piece. I also got great help from the Rebild- Center with contacts and permission and they helped me to organize a transportation of the big centerpiece. An upside-down root ball. After that I worked alone. All days and all day long. In the evening I slept ate my purchased food in my camper or in the nature. The result of my work is this 15- 20 meter big sculpture, but I feel like the art pice ended up being me, and about me. Scared and alone in the wood. Working like a little insekt to complete something much bigger and heavier than my body.

I was so scared in the evening of noise in the nature. The little camper door felt like a joke. But I made it though a month. And ”Sometime somethings lead to something” did not fail me. The psychology of the art; to take one step at a time: To never get overwhelmed about the result or the massive work in front of you led me through one day at a time. One night at a time. And suddenly I was on my way home. Totally fulfilled over what I had accomplished by myself in the forest.