Sometime somethings lead to something

”The sculpture is made by hand and it takes a long time to do it. The technology itself is very easy, it just requires patience. For me, the sculpture symbolize life itself. How we have to take one step at a time to reach our goals. It’s about having faith in what you do. If you just trust life you will create something beautiful. Namely your life story.”The project conceptual is to demonstrate how the slow, little, week, soft, female energy can present itself in a very powerful and breathtaking way. Refusing to give up fait in the production of life. Trusting the steady dedication of moving forward- no matter what. My way of working resembles an insect or a growing plant. It helps those ho look at it, to recognize that humans are a part of the nature. That expansion is happening in the smallest of leafs as well as in our body and mind in same way. The sculpture starts from a point and than it grows. The only thing that can stop it, is to give up the process. Otherwise it will unconditionally continue to grow slowly and powerfuly with help of time and peace of mind.  I want to put my organic sculpture in the area of the Faena art space. The sculpture is highly flexible and can be arrange in any environment. These sculptures are intriguing in all forms of nature and architecture. The sculptures are hand-made/ sewn by hand, with a core of steel wire and cotton.The sculpture/sculpturepieces are soft and I can be arranged anyway I want according to the surroundings. The environment, objects, and the atmosphere of the place, will help me to create a site specific installation. When the shape of the installation is finished, I sometimes color it. It all depends on how I think the environment looks.


(X-site) - Ängelholm, Rebild/Danmark