Le Scimmie, Oil on Canvas

The old castle felt eerie. Emptiness, echoing and ringing in my ears. Room after room demonstrating a lack of something that made me feel uncomfortable. A vague threat.
The castle was long abandoned. Beautiful wallpaper silent, dilapidated. Abandoned tables and chairs lined up peculiarly against the walls. These objects, so functional for humans, were now their own subjects and followed my path through the abandoned rooms.
How long has it been since this castle was alight with people, festivities and culture? Seventy years, or just fifty? A startled bird flies by my head. Flies buzzing on the window sills. Where humans exit, nature enters. Fast.
What did I see? The castle with the fancy chairs, symbols of humanity’s vain attempt at hiding our true nature. The very nature that enters the stage as culture drifts away.